RWWP Non GMO Nutri-Crave Corn- 1 acre bag


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Real World Wildlife Products has tested numerous corn varieties over the past decade looking for a variety that would stand out from other varieties in terms of nutrient content and attraction and compliment our soybeans. We have finally found it! Our new “Nutri-Crave” corn has higher levels of all major nutrients found in corn and also attracts hungry deer better than any other corn we have tested.

The 1 Acre Bag – 26,666 kernel

In our 2020 test plots Nutri-Crave 109-day corn had 11.12% protein and 12.97% fat. Corn from a nearby ag field tested at 6.86% protein and 3.86% fat. Real Worlds Nutri-Crave corn also had better figures for phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, iron and manganese. Another huge advantage is in total calories where Nutri-Crave corn has 225% more calories than the same volume of typical field corn. Just imagine what this means to deer feeding on Nutri-Crave corn during the winter! Most importantly, deer showed a very strong preference to Nutri-Crave corn compared to all other varieties tested.

Real Worlds Nutri-Crave corn is non-GMO, at this time, we do not offer this in Roundup Ready variety.  If you grow corn in your food-plots or for livestock feed, you really need to try Nutri-Crave corn!

You can even see the difference when comparing Real Worlds Nutri-Crave corn (on right) with standard ag corn (on left).

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